FREEKO PERU S.A. is one of the largest Peruvian packers for frozen pre-cooked, breaded seafood based on Surimi, exporting to the European, Asian, South and North American markets.

Our company operates since 1997 becoming a reliable processing and export company of final products that goes directly to the final costumers.

Total quality assurance by applying our HACCP plan and supervised by our high quality staff.

Crab claws with pincers.
Crab claws without pincers.
Giant Squid Wings (Boiled and raw).
Giant Squid Mantle (Boiled and raw) .
Giant Squid Tentacle.
Giant Squid Ring, Strips , Buttons and Dices.
Giant Squid Minced.
Giant Squid Surimi.
Fish Hamburgers (Breaded).
Fish Minced.
Fish Surimi.
Frozen Scallops.
Breaded Scallops.
Mahi - Mahi.
  Carretera Paita Sullana Km 3
Ceticos PAITA , Puerto de Paita Piura Perú
(511) 073-21-1835